Flask Fillers

flask2.jpgRFS Industries Flask Fillers are compact, self-contained sand delivery systems designed to mechanize the filling of large flasks used in floor molding and rollover machine operations. The equipment consists of a receiving hopper and belt conveyor unit that is pivot-mounted on a swivel pedestal so that it can be manually swung both laterally and vertically. This permits the operator to rotate the conveyor unit over a wide arc and to easily raise and lower the discharge end. A swing chute at the end of the unit can also be manually controlled to move in a forward -backward motion. This three-direction action makes it possible to distribute sand to all of the areas of large flasks – even the corners.

RFS Industries Flask Fillers are designed for overhead feeding. A large hopper, located on the conveyor unit above the steel pedestal, receives the sand and delivers it directly to the high-speed, endless-type conveyor belt. A remote switch, located on the swing chute at the discharge end of the unit, permits the operator to activate the electric motor that powers the conveyor belt. A steel shaft, with rubber handgrips, is attached to the sand discharge chute so that the operator can easily swing the unit to various positions. Laterally, the unit swings over an arc of 180°; vertically, it will rise to a height four feet above the floor and lower to a position of less than two feet above the floor.

RFS Industries Flask Fillers are manufactured in two sizes and capacities. Model MF-15 is equipped with a 12″ wide rubber belt that travels at a speed of 146 FPM and has a capacity of 15 tons-per-hour. Model MF-30 has an 18″ wide belt, a speed of 195 feet-per-minute, and a capacity of 30 tons-per-hour.

Standard models of RFS Industries equipment are available for direct feeding of these units. Feeder Bins can be installed to discharge a controlled flow of sand directly to the receiving hopper of the Flask Filler. These bins, available in capacities of 30, 50 and 80 cubic feet, include a motorized conveyor that can be synchronized with the drive of the Flask Filler.

RFS Industries Overhead Sand Systems – single, twin or multi-hopper- are also convenient for delivering sand to these units. Overhead hoppers can be equipped with bin level controls that automatically keep the Flask Filler hopper filled.

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