Magna-San Magnetic Separator

RFS Industries Aerator with magnetic separation. The Magna-San is designed to magnetically clean, aerate and cool foundry shakeout sand. This compact unit is available in portable and stationary models. The portable model, used to pile or windrow sand, can be conveniently towed between molding locations. The stationary model can be permanently installed in a system or moved by crane to positions where it is needed.

Both models have a 15 cu. ft. hopper, designed for mechanical loading, with a steel grate to remove large spills and sprues. Sand is discharged from the hopper, on a flighted conveyor, through an adjustable safety gate. A permanent-magnet head pulley on the conveyor separates ferrous scrap before the sand feeds to a “RFS Industries” aerator. This 25″ wide, high- speed, cleated belt conditions up to 45 tons of sand per hour. An adjustable, steel deflector controls the angle of the discharge stream.

The Magna-San is constructed with a heavy-duty, welded box frame; fully-enclosed sealed bearings are used throughout. Each unit is tested and shipped fully assembled.


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