Bucket Elevator

Engineered for continuous service in the foundry

bucketRFS Industries heavy duty elevators have been developed for use in 300/24 custom sand systems and are available as individual units. These elevators are designed for Class III continuous service in the foundry industry. Motors, shafts and roller bearings are specified with large safety margins for the application.

All models feature rugged steel construction. The hood is split and has a hinged access door. Inspection doors are provided in the midsection, and there are clean-out doors in both the front and the rear of the boot. Crowned head pulley has vulcanized herringbone lagging.

A self-cleaning tail pulley also is crowned. Style AA cast malleable iron buckets, totally enclosed drive guards, backstops in the reducers and anti-slap chutes are “standard” for 300/24 elevators. To meet individual system requirements, RFS Industries offers optional stainless steel, or epoxy coated, loading and discharge chutes. Platforms, stairways and ladders are provided for servicing the unit. Whenever practical, RFS Industries assembles and tests system components so these heavy duty elevators and catwalks can be installed quickly.

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