Overhead System with Molders’ Hoppers

overhead.jpgRFS Industries Single and Twin Hopper Overhead Sand Units are designed to mechanize sand handling, aeration, and distribution in foundries operating TWIN CITY 5with one or two molding machines. Additionally, these overhead units are ideally suited for many specialized sand systems in TWIN CITY 7foundries of all sizes.

The Single and the Twin are compact versions of RFS Industries multi-station overhead units and are completely

mechanized from feeder bin through to delivery of aerated sand to the molder. They are available in a selection of sizes for each major component so they can be matched in floor arrangement and capacity to individual foundry specifications.

Feeder bins can be furnished in three storage capacities – 30, 50 and 80 cubic feet. They can be installed for front, side or pit loader of the elevator and can be charged by front-end loader, conveyor belt or muller. Elevators are available in almost any required height and in system capacities up to 20 tons-per-hour. Molders’ hoppers, with automatic full-hopper signals, are available in two sizes for the Single (26 and 42 cubic feet) and two for the Twin (20 and 40 cubic feet). Hopper discharge gates can be manually or air operated and gate chutes are available in three styles: stationary, 24″ manual swing and 42″ air-operated swing.

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