Pallet Lines

pallet1.jpgRFS Industries Pallet Systems bring a new degree of efficiency to the small and medium-sized foundry by providing mechanized transfer of molds – from the molding station, to the pouring area, to shake-out – and then automatically returning the empty pallet car to the molder for reuse. These systems can be quickly assembled to virtually any length, and can include as many individual lines as required to meet the production schedule. Any system may be easily and economically expanded as foundry capacity increases simply by adding more lines. Each line consists of a tubular steel underframe and supporting structure, high-carbon spring steel top and return tracks, a safety-tread pouring deck, an air-operated remote-controlled dump mechanism, a spring-operated manual retrieve unit and pallet cars.

LOWEST PROFILE AVAILABLE One of the most significant features of the RFS Industries Pallet System is the low profile (24 inches from floor to pallet rails) of the system in general, and the dump mechanism in particular. This provides a realistic and convenient working height for every major function: mold loading, dump, and retrieve. Despite this low profile, the entire system operates on the basis of gravity return with 100% delivery of all empty pallet cars to the retrieve mechanism. The air-operated dump can be operated separately for each line, or from a central control point for a group of lines. Additional efficiency can be provided by optional high-capacity pallet cars, which permit a greater number of molds to be poured off in a single operation.

dumpThe flexible operation of the entire RFS Industries System makes it suited to production schedules demanding continuous pour-off and dump, as well as for specialized operations where requirements vary from line to line.

PRE-ENGINEERED FOR ECONOMY All the components that make up a RFS Industries Pallet System are standard parts that have been engineered to permit assembly in a number of sizes depending on floor plan, number of molding stations and type of molding systems. The effect is a custom pallet system for the price of a standard.

The pallet line is constructed of a tubular steel support structure that incorporates integral leveling jacks at critical spots to assure proper operation even on sloping floors. Tracks are constructed of wear-resistant hardened steel for long service life under heavy load. Pallet cars are available in a choice of sizes, all with sealed ball-bearing action and hardened steel rollers. Assembly of any RFS Industries Pallet System can be accomplished by regular foundry work crews from the match-marked components. Delivery of most systems is made from stock.

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