Sand Storage Bin

storageRFS Industries Sand Bins are the industry’s first practical solution to the problem of sand storage in foundries. As standard products, they permit the elimination of a common foundry condition – wasteful and expensive floor storage – without the need for investing in costly custom made equipment. In addition, they provide a high degree of protection against sand contamination not possible with non-enclosed storage arrangements.

These newly designed bins involve primary application in the storage of shakeout sand, but can be adapted for the storage of new and prepared sand as well. Regardless of application, they may be installed in virtually any foundry without special accessories or modification.

BUILDING-BLOCK DESIGN, The RFS Industries line of storage bins consists of a series of modular designed standard units. Bins are manufactured in three basic single-size models and three basic double-size models. Each basic size is available with matching extensions that may be added at any time. This building-block principle of construction permits the capacity of any bin to be increased as foundry requirements increase. For example, when additional sand must be stored and floor space is at a minimum, the capacity of the bin is increased through vertical extension pieces. When headroom is critical on the other hand, storage capacity may be expanded laterally through the side-by-side installation of an additional bin.

All RFS Industries Standard Bins may be expanded horizontally, or vertically, or in both directions to virtually any degree desired. In fact, the only limitations on expansion are those posed by the physical restrictions of the foundry itself.

EASILY ASSEMBLED ALL-STEEL UNITS: To reduce shipping cost, and to preclude any problems in foundry access, RFS Industries bins are delivered in knocked-down pieces for on-site assembly. Installation requires no special tools and no welding. The entire job can be handled by a regular maintenance crew.

Bins are constructed of heavy-gauge steel plate, and are generously braced with heavy-duty steel channel stays. All bracing structures are factory welded in position. When properly assembled the bins are entirely leak proof.

CONVEYOR BELT FEEDER SYSTEM: Each RFS Industries bin is equipped with a complete mechanized feeder system. This consists of a motor driven RFS Industries self-cleaning belt conveyor, supported over its full length by ball-bearing-equipped steel rollers. A constant rate of feed is assured by a specially designed tapered bin bottom and baffle assembly that straddles the belt. An adjustable gate on the front of the bin permits feed rate adjustment.

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